RingCentral Helps Success Mortgage Partners Capture More Leads and Increase Revenue

Nationwide mortgage lender needed to upgrade its trouble-prone legacy phone system.
The RingCentral migration was so smooth that everyone was up and running in a weekend.
RingCentral is helping them capture more leads, improve communication, and save 50% a year.
Company profile
Company profile:

Since its founding in 2002 as a Michigan-area mortgage company, Success Mortgage Partners has grown rapidly and organically into a nationwide wholesale mortgage lender operating in 23 states, with more than 40 branch locations and more than 400 employees. In 2016 and 2017, the Detroit Free Press named Success Mortgage Partners as a Best Place to Work.

Year founded:
400–500 employees
Plymouth, MI

Success Mortgage Partners’ mission to raise the bar in the industry by putting people first has certainly proven to be a successful strategy. Just 15 years after the company’s founding, Success Mortgage Partners has grown to become a nationwide mortgage lender with hundreds of sales reps serving borrowers across 23 states and hundreds of corporate staff supporting the company’s operations.

But when the organization decided to upgrade its communications infrastructure from a trouble-prone legacy phone system to a cloud solution, they admit they almost made the wrong choice. Fortunately, before signing on with another provider, the IT team decided to give RingCentral a look.

The product demo that changed everything

When they settled into their roles at Success Mortgage Partners, Patrick Keller, IT Operations Manager, and Michael Hicks, IT Systems Analyst, quickly realized the company’s legacy phone infrastructure was going to need an upgrade soon.

“We had so many issues with that system,” recalls Keller. “The billing function was so awful that our accounting team had to reconcile 1,200-page invoices every month, literally going line by line to figure out manually which branch locations to charge for which calls. The ordering process for new phones and equipment was also slow and inconvenient.” And as Hicks explains, “On top of all those issues, the phone system itself was costing us a fortune.”

Keller and Hicks recommended to the company’s senior leadership team that it was time to retire the company’s legacy system and move to a cloud phone solution. And the two IT professionals, who had worked together managing technical operations for several companies previously, already had another provider in mind. “We almost went with them because we were familiar with them,” recalls Hicks. “But we then said, ‘Let’s at least give RingCentral a look. They’re at the top of the Gartner Magic Quadrant, and we should see what they have to offer first.’”

“When we saw the RingCentral demo,” Keller says, “we thought, good thing we did that! This product is definitely better.”

The rollout that couldn’t have been smoother

“RingCentral was so intuitive and so easy to use that we were able to cut over our entire corporate team of 200 employees in a single weekend,” Keller explains. “We hosted a training session at each of our two main corporate locations, and that was it. Everyone was up and running.”

“In fact,” Keller continues, “our IT staff set up a hotline for the first week after the rollout to allow employees to call us directly with questions about the RingCentral system, and I don’t think we got a single call.”

“Pretty soon, most of the company, including both our sales employees and our corporate staff, were all using RingCentral Office and RingCentral Meetings on a regular basis,” says Hicks.

The savings that proved to be amazing

“What we realized after running the numbers was that this new communications platform was also going to save us a lot of money as well,” says Hicks.

Keller explains, “We could hardly believe what the numbers were telling us. We were going to be saving nearly 50% a year and, at the same time, getting the best product in the industry.”

The unified communications platform that’s changing everything

“RingCentral has benefited our company in so many ways,” says Keller. “Here are just some of the reasons we know we found the Cadillac of VoIP solutions.”

“It helps make our sales reps be more productive. We have a highly mobile workforce. Our salespeople live out in the field, and they used to have to remember to forward their desk phones to their personal cell phones or they could miss important customer or partner calls. Now, thanks to the RingCentral mobile app, they can communicate and be reachable anywhere—all using their Success Mortgage Partners business number.”

“It helps us from a compliance standpoint. In a financial services business like ours, there are regulatory issues around communication and data privacy. But we don’t really have to worry about those issues anymore because RingCentral takes care of them for us.”

“It helps our staff schedule and host online meetings more easily than ever. Before RingCentral, we had another online meeting service, and we had to share licenses. It was cumbersome and not effective. But

thanks to RingCentral Meetings, now anyone can set up a meeting on the fly. When a loan officer wants to walk a borrower through the loan paperwork, for example, he can invite the borrower to an online meeting, share his screen, and go through the docs at the borrower’s pace. That saves the borrower from having to drive to the office, and that’s the type of service we pride ourselves on delivering.”

“It helps us retain great people. Because RingCentral is such a flexible, easy-to-use communications system—a system a lot of our sales employees didn’t even know existed—the system gives Success Mortgage Partners a real advantage in attracting and keeping outstanding sales reps because we’re helping to give them an edge they didn’t have before.”

“And RingCentral is helping our bottom line. Because this system makes it easier for customers to reach us and for our internal staff to connect and collaborate with each other, we know it’s helping us in terms of capturing leads and increasing revenue—no question.”

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