Telematics Leader Geotab Discovers a Single Cloud Communications Solution for Both Employee and Customer Engagement to Deliver Much More Than the Sum of Its Parts

Leading telematics company’s phone system didn’t allow data into customers’ call experience.
A thorough search for a cloud-based communications solution led to RingCentral.
They now have detailed call data, a 20% increase in resource allocation, and far happier staff.
Company profile
Company profile:
A global leader in telematics, Geotab provides award-winning fleet-management solutions and actionable intelligence to businesses whose success depends on efficient fleet operations. The company’s solutions provide customers vehicle-generated data to help them develop policies that improve driver behavior, enhance safety, increase on-the-road productivity, and achieve regulatory compliance. Many Fortune 500 companies rely on Geotab’s technology for measurable management data.
Year founded:
500+ employees
Oakville, Ontario, Canada

With thousands of businesses relying on them every day to turn their vehicle data into actionable intelligence, Geotab needed a world-class communications solution that could help the company deliver outstanding service while at the same time providing visibility into how its sales and support staff were performing.

Geotab’s search led to a cloud communications solution that offered not just call data and insights but also the features and flexibility to improve its employee engagement levels as well. That combination is proving tremendously powerful.

Geotab learns not all cloud communications services are created equal.

“We were using traditional phone infrastructure—on-prem PBX hardware, desktop phones, and landlines,” says Derek Carder, Geotab’s Vice President of Customer Experience and Technical Operations. “But we’re in the data measurement business, and one of our key differentiators is providing outstanding experiences when customers contact us for help. That means we need to know—based on hard data—our average call-wait times, abandonment rates, the success rates of our support calls, and other key metrics.”

“It’s also important to understand that Geotab markets our telematics solutions through a global network of resellers, and we offer our partners a white-label support service so they can maintain the relationship with their end-user customers. We needed our white-label service to be outstanding to attract and keep the best resellers.”

Geotab used an office move as an opportunity to switch to a cloud communications solution, hoping to get detailed call data, as well as other valuable communication features to support both its own reps and its resale program. “Unfortunately, we chose that first cloud solution in a hurry, and it just wasn’t advanced enough to handle our needs,” Carder explains. “It couldn’t manage the complex routing instructions we needed to implement, track each caller’s position in the queue, offer a simple push-to-call-back feature, or provide the visibility we wanted into our call traffic.”

During their search for the right cloud solution, Geotab quickly narrowed its short list to RingCentral and a couple of large-scale providers. “RingCentral had more of the features we needed, particularly the data reporting capabilities. The RingCentral team also made our security team feel more comfortable in terms of safeguarding our data and making sure it’s always available. So the vetting process made the decision pretty clear.”

The numbers don’t lie: RingCentral was the right choice for Geotab.

“Rolling out RingCentral was definitely the right decision for our expanding global organization,” Carder says. “The data tells the story.”

“For example, we’ve improved the cost-effectiveness of our agent utilization by more than 20%, because RingCentral’s call-data reporting gives us greater visibility than ever into when and where we need to adjust our staff levels. Combine this with RingCentral’s great features, like call queues and the push-to-call-back feature, and we’ve actually improved our support teams’ responsiveness while using fewer resources.”

“RingCentral has led to a big boost in employee satisfaction, as well,” Carder continues. “As I said, we measure everything, and our surveys indicated employee satisfaction with our previous communication tools was about 50%. But since rolling out RingCentral, that number has jumped to the 80% range. Our support center employees really appreciate how intuitive the RingCentral system is. In Contact Center, the team-view dashboard lets our support staff see which calls are in the queue and what other people are working on, so they know when to jump in and help out a team member. Our supervisors can jump in, too. We’ve never had these capabilities before.”

“All of this is invaluable because happy, engaged employees are a key contributor to Geotab’s success.”

Geotab’s partner account managers are also seeing benefits from RingCentral while assisting resellers with proposals for prospective customers. As Carder explains, “When we assist with RFPs, RingCentral gives us third-party-validated data that directly addresses a prospect’s preferred service levels. Things like average speed to answer and average time to resolve an issue. This lets us make a case built on real data that Geotab can actually exceed the requirements the prospect is looking for in a partner. This has given us a real advantage in the delivery of data for the resellers in the RFP process.”

“Also, we’re now able to offer a superior private-label support solution for resellers to offer their customers—a solution that includes intelligent routing, call queues, an automatic return-call option, and detailed reporting. This puts us in a better position than we’ve ever been to add value for our resellers with a lucrative three-way partnership where they provide our best-in-class support to their end-user customers.”

“Finally, the features our teams and resale partners now enjoy thanks to RingCentral are invaluable. For example, where we used to have only music for a caller on hold, now we can deliver a valuable recorded message, such as ‘Did you know Geotab hosts webinars every Wednesday? Here’s the web address to sign up.’ Or we can just offer a few tips about using one of our products. And thanks to the real-time call visibility, our support supervisors can now—for the first time ever—jump on a call and help a rep who’s struggling.”

“Features like these are helping Geotab deliver a better customer experience than ever, and I can’t overstate how valuable that is to our company’s success.”

“Bottom line: If you use the data, reporting, and other features RingCentral provides, you can ensure you’re meeting and exceeding customer expectations.”

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